Sep. 22nd, 2008


Sep. 22nd, 2008 02:05 am
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Sorry for the spammage, but I figured, shit, this is my fandom comm - I can show off semi-unrelated stuff if I damn well want to~

Optimini's a joke OC of mine who I've been using in an RP with a good friend for almost a year now. He's also made an appearance in a gag script-form RP with [ profile] lyricality, and [ profile] vejiraziel recently borrowed him for her crack Bring It On, and she just drew him for me - I had to show him off in all his chubby, mix-and-match cuteness~ <3


The original Optimini is simply a white, chrome, and blue (DW*Magnus) cassette-sized version of Optimus with a random wolf tail, but Veji's image of him is just as adorable in that freakish way only the sparkling of Prime and Starscream could make.

Besides, this version looks much more likely to have come out of an egg.

...yeah. That's all. Sorry D: I am finally working on the nameless sequel though (need a damn title!), so maybe that's a peace offering? *flail*
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