Dec. 4th, 2008 06:12 pm
nkfloofiepoof: (braindead)
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It's my comm, and I can spam if I want to~ So, I finished decorating the tree and the living room with our few meager Christmas decorations today, and Plushformer Prime chimed in that he wanted to help like the cute little trooper he is. Little did I know that he was just conning me into letting him out of my room so he could explore.

First, he got to know Santa Raphael and Santa Claus who were being bums and watching me struggle with the disgusting number of ornaments we have. They are BAD INFLUENCES to an easily-influenced goober like Prime. Every time I bent over to look in another box, I heard snickering behind me.

After I separated them, Prime became friendly with plushie*Sugar and plushie*Bob (left to right). They're not so bad - though they did drown him in puppykisses until he started squealing for me to save him. I took my sweet time doing it to get back at him for the snickering with Raph and Santa.

After finally rescuing him, I made him get to work helping me untangle the Christmas tree lights. He did a good job of it though he couldn't help a little WTF moment when he finally untangled the line and realized something was...off. Where that one blue light came from, we have no idea.

With the lights on the tree, it was time to put up the tree topper. Prime would not be convinced that the Matrix does not make a good one. After the tenth attempt at getting it to stay on top, he begrudgingly helped me put up the real one.

He was so pouty over being denied a Matrix topper though, I gave him a tree his size to make him feel better. He went squee.

Then, it was time for the ornaments. I like to have never pried him away from one particular ornament.

Once I finally did though, I ended up taking my eyes off of him long enough for him to escape. I found him trying to buddy up with Pep-O-Mint the Candy Cane Keeper. He was trying to con her out of a candy cane. Since he wasn't palling around with Raph and Santa again, I left him alone and finished up the tree.

Prime is very persuasive. Next time I looked over, I found out that Pep-O-Mint broke down and delivered.

That was the end of the decorating though. He's back in my room munching his candy canes and looking very proud of himself.
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