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Title: Hate the Ground (Hate the Dark's sequel - I finally came up with a mediocre title)
Arc: 'Til All Are One
Rating: G for now
Characters: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Blaster, Thundercracker, Eject, several others mentioned/cameos
Summary: Okay, after finishing this in January, getting it back from a beta, seeing that it needed an ASSLOAD of work done to make it not suck, graduate school kicking my ass, and my mother's surgery, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be happy with this no matter what I do to it. Sorry for the stupidly long delay only for you to be given this drivel. Hoping to have a better idea of where I'm going with this by the time I finish chapter 3.

...was that really a flower? )
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So, yeah, I figured this might be worth trying to keep myself in practice so I don't have another 4-5 year slump like I did after I finished that piece of junk Electrical Communication over in the Rockman fandom. I know myself too well for one of those 100 prompt communities, so I decided I'd start small and went with [profile] 10_prompts with the Cassetticons. Because they need love. D:

Prompts are in a sort of chronological order starting with Cybertron and ending after Earth. This will probably end up going into my 'Til All Are One AU if this gets to season 3 because the '86 movie either does what I want it to or it doesn't exist. Denial is good.

01.Table 1:8
02.Table 3:10
03.Table 3:7
04.Table 2:9
05.Table 5:5
06.Table 7:10
Once More
07.Table 3:3
Simple Things
08.Table 3:2
09.Table 2:4
10.Table 5:1
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