Mar. 6th, 2009 09:09 pm
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I'm always a sucker for bandwagons. Plus, this kinda has the plus of showing *old man voice* I'm not dead~ [/inside joke]

Post a single sentence extract from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

  • Clearly, Thundercracker was not versed in the proper handling of cassettes, Eject realized as he was plucked up rather painfully by the back of his neck, and the grip only became more painful as he was lifted from the ground and felt the planet's intense gravity trying to draw him back down.

  • Prowl lowered his gaze back to the duty roster as he abruptly cut off his subordinate's monologue, "That is the most disgusting odor I've ever had the misfortune of smelling. Get it away from me."

  • Only two sources of luminescence penetrated the blackness, crimson and cerulean.

  • In an instant, it was as if they were no longer in the foreign, organic bodies they were currently trapped inside and instead were once again in the sky where they belonged - as Starscream bounded over a fallen log with a fluid grace hidden by his strange, organic prison, Thundercracker and Skywarp immediately fell into formation behind him, their antlers tossed high as they veritably glided with their commander over the meadow.

  • No, we were simply Machine Soldier Black, Machine Soldier Red, Machine Soldier Blue, Machine Soldier Yellow, and I was Machine Soldier White.

  • They were merely shadows, colorless forms whose only purpose was to do the bidding of their master.

To Do List

Jul. 12th, 2008 06:19 pm
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Been meaning to do this for a while anyway.

tl;dr griping )

Anyway, list of projects I need to either work on or get back to work on in no particular order:

    1. Silent Screaming - the second set of survivors from the Hate the Dark 'verse (10 pages lost on dead USB stick *CRY*)

    2. Our Darkest Hour - last part to the Hate the Dark 'verse trilogy

    3. Untitled Deceptideer thing - I know exactly what I want to do in this; I just can't get the words out

    4. Cassette Prompts - Once More is next, and I've been stuck on it for months because I have NO knowledge of sports whatsoever - anybody willing to give me a good rundown of sports/announcer lingo will be loved forever and may get a drabble as thanks

    5. Untitled real sequel to Hate the Dark - I really need to get up the courage to ask Lyric if I can semi-convert our RP to this since we ended up doing exactly what I had in mind

    6. 28s bandwagon - I really want to do one of these, but I don't know what character to do

    7. Entry for [ profile] tfic_contest - self, you know what you want to do; fucking write it already

    8. Untitled Prowl/Jazz for [ profile] vejiraziel - I swear, this is the only Prowl/Jazz I will EVER write. This was supposed to be her Christmas present last year, but I'm made of utter fail. I WILL finish this one day, damn it all

    9. Dinobots - need to finish the next bit; I've got RP burnout save for script form though, so I don't know how fast this will happen
    10. Thundercracker and Tracks plot - purely for myself and will only be written when the mood strikes me

    11. Bluestreak babble - repeat above

I hope that's all. I have a few more ideas festering in the back of my skull, but I need to either finish or drop what I've already got on my plate first. xx
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