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Title: Camouflage
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Choosing not to list so it will be a surprise (though people who watch my LJ might be able to figure it out early)
Warnings/Advertisements: Mentions of past attempted genocide; very vague mentions of past dubcon; extremely misogynistic society; vague mentions of tentacles
Summary: One femme chooses to pretend to be something she's not in order to find her place in a society revolted by her existence.

This is a combination response to three things: my AU Bingo card's wild card (which I assigned as alternate history: different gender) and two kink meme prompts: Of Hidden Femmes and Misogynistic Mechs and All Mechs Have Naughty Tentacles. This was written as the start to what I hope will become a larger story some day as I have time, but it reads just fine stand-alone. No tentacles actually being naughty in this part, unfortunately, but if I can continue this, there will be. Attitudes of mech society in this story do not reflect my own personal views.

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