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So, yeah, I figured this might be worth trying to keep myself in practice so I don't have another 4-5 year slump like I did after I finished that piece of junk Electrical Communication over in the Rockman fandom. I know myself too well for one of those 100 prompt communities, so I decided I'd start small and went with [profile] 10_prompts with the Cassetticons. Because they need love. D:

Prompts are in a sort of chronological order starting with Cybertron and ending after Earth. This will probably end up going into my 'Til All Are One AU if this gets to season 3 because the '86 movie either does what I want it to or it doesn't exist. Denial is good.

01.Table 1:8
02.Table 3:10
03.Table 3:7
04.Table 2:9
05.Table 5:5
06.Table 7:10
Once More
07.Table 3:3
Simple Things
08.Table 3:2
09.Table 2:4
10.Table 5:1
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Title: Nightwatch
Arc: N/A
Rating: R
Characters: Ravage, Steeljaw
Summary: Steeljaw is on a mission to retrieve information from the Nemesis, but he runs into a little...resistance. (Originally written for the November challenge at [livejournal.com profile] mecha_erotica "Somebody Needs Some Lovin'". I didn't expect it to get nearly as many votes as it did, so I guess people liked it. oO My initial thought was Rumble & Frenzy/Ravage, but then Steeljaw butted in and said he needed some lovin', and who am I to argue against kittypr0n?)

It was at that point that Ravage decided the direct approach was probably the best option. )
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